about me

about me

I was born in the little town of Milledgeville, Georgia, where I attended Georgia Military College preparatory school.

I left Georgia at eighteen to study drum set performance at McNally-Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN, before leaving to pursue my first academic interest, theology.

I earned a BA in Theology and Biblical Studies from Piedmont International University (formerly Southeastern Bible College, in Birmingham, AL). While I am no longer religious, it was a handful of excellent theology professors who taught me how to be self-reflective, critical, and open-minded, and who encouraged me to pursue my growing interest in philosophy.

After graduating, I took up an assistantship at the University of South Carolina, where I earned a Ph.D in philosophy, with a focus on applied ethics.

I taught for eight years at the University of South Carolina, where, I developed courses in engineering ethics, logic and critical thinking, a course on analyzing current political news, one on science and religion, and another called “Money, Morality, and Happiness". While teaching at USC I was the lucky recipient of several research grants, an inaugural fellowship in the interdisciplinary Bride Humanities Corps, and the 2015 award for excellence and innovation in teaching.

By the time I finished my doctorate, I realized that the best opportunities for creating positive impact lay both inside and outside the university, given my skills of 1) written and spoken communication, 3) research-driven analysis, and 3) presenting complex information to general audiences.

As a researcher and writer, I focus on ethical issues in engineering and education, and on theoretical and practical issues related to city design, organizational ethics, public health policy, regulation of emerging technologies, and government surveillance. I have presented my work at universities and conferences across America, Portugal, and Germany.

As a consultant, I work to strengthen the connections between an organization's guiding values, and its day-to-day practices, so that each member of the organization functions with clear, confident, and robust purpose. I have consulted on projects in education, retail, entertainment production, and animal welfare.

My current interests relate to the Effective Altruism movement, which uses quantitative research to help others direct their talents and resources toward creating the greatest benefits to global human and non-human wellbeing. I always have time to discuss these issues, so feel free to reach out.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the drums, cooking, sculpting, interacting with cats, and enjoying the strangest movies and books I can find.

If you'd like to contact me, you can always do so at Michael Glawson at me [dot] com.